VITALEX was established in 1987 and in the first beginning dealt with veterinarian products and feed additives. Gradually it opened its own activity spreading in pharmaceutical products and additives for feed industry markets.
‏Nowadays, VITALEX operates on market as a division of HEVAK HOLDING AG, always giving to its clients all the benefits which rise from the synergy given by this partnership with a very important mother company.
VITALEX moved from commercial activity only to the direct production, setting up new enterprises and establishing partnership with manufacturing companies in Europe and all over the world.
VITALEX was established in 1987 and in over thirty years of business has always held one objective above all others: to build its own success on the foundation of total customer satisfaction..
‏Nowadays in fact, in the pharmaceutical sector and in those of feed and veterinary products (currently HEVAK HOLDING AG´s most important fields of activity) the responsible, frontline player knows how to place Customer care and market competitiveness on the same level.
Best quality-price ratio together with efficient delivery service is no longer enough; companies must also be able to supply adequate back-up in terms of “guarantees” and “after-sales service”.
‏In this direction VITALEX has undertaken to improve the quality of its product through a constant policy of partnership, both with companies specialized in research, processing and manufacture of chemical-pharmaceutical products and with service structures all over the world. This enables VITALEX to meet Customers’ requirements much more for marketing products in their countries.
‏Thanks to the renewed enthusiasm, optimism and solid resources of people and competences that made up VITALEX, our company is ready still today to meet all Customer needs, in full compliance with the new quality parameters set by market nowadays to offer complete, coherent and competitive satisfaction.